Saturday, 1 June 2013

Book Signing: Leila Howland - Author of Nantucket Blue - Giveaway

From a reading nurse blog:
Yesterday was a signing that I had been really looking forward to. I had heard great things about Nantucket Blue from a lot of bloggers that I follow and thought it would be a perfect book for a summer read. And I was thrilled to find out that the author Leila Howland was going to be at the Huntington Barnes and Nobles on a Thursday. So I gathered up my usual troops and we head down there for the signing. But this signing was extra special because we got to bring my friend's 4 year old son Dean with us.

When we got there we started talking to a girl in front of us about books and different signings that we went to or planned to attend. I had a feeling she was a blogger, because she had an ARC of Nantucket Blue with her. She also looked familiar, but I had assumed I had just seen her at different signings. But when I got home I realized that she was Rachel from The Reader's Den so I quickly sent her a note on Goodreads to say Hi. Its just amazing to me how great the YA blogging/reading community is and how you can always run into people you follow or have discussed books with at a signing.

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